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LMS for technical teams that need to learn new skills rapidly and receive effective feedback along the way


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Pluralsight skills is a learning solutions software that assists organizations and industry leaders evaluate the technical abilities of their teams, synchronize their learning and training needs with core business goals, while addressing any skills gaps in certain technology-critical areas like the cloud, design, security as well as data management.

The game-changing software lets you, the business owner, or leader assess the technical prowess of your teams through thorough skills assessments and analytics drawn from a vast pool of courses provided by the world’s leading technology experts.

In simple terms, Pluralsight skills exposes you to new IT competencies, that you knew nothing about.

Features of Pluralsight Skills

Multilanguage feature

Pluralsight supports multiple learning languages, thus providing a wider reach to different learners and organizations.

Skills gap evaluation

In-depth skills gap analysis is a great way for learners to understand the exact skills they may need to perform certain functions optimally.

Skills IQ examination

Pluralsight provides standard assessments for all skill development courses undertaken by learners. This then gives learners a snapshot of their superior skills that they can capitalize on.

Technical project skills

Pluralsight allows learners a deeper access to technical skills acquisition by providing technical project assessments.

Course redirection

This Pluralsight feature provides the right criteria for learners to pick up the courses that are relevant to the skills they truly possess. Based on the assessment results, the platform then recommends the course to be pursued.

Multimedia learning support

Pluralsight provides additional content in form of video tutorials to supplement the course material, thus providing learners with a wider scope of skills acquisition.

Monitoring progress

Pluralsight is a great tool for managers and parents to track the progress of team members and children respectively.

Content syllabus

Pluralsight is richly endowed with pre-developed expert content on standard topics that can be organized to form a partial curriculum for both tutors and learners.

Analytics tool

Pluralsight is an effective tool for analytics as it tracks skills proficiency and company-wide team results. This way, businesses can measure goal attainment with ease.

Interactive learning

Pluralsight provides learners with projects drawn from real world scenarios that allow them to exercise and try their skills on real concepts.

Pros of Pluralsight Skills

  • Provides wide-ranging technology-related topics, thus able to accommodate all learners.
  • Able to deduce a learner's shortcomings and recommend the ideal topics to study. This makes it a great platform for self-improvement on technical subjects.
  • Great launch pad for aspiring technology enthusiasts and tech leaders.
  • Great platform to manage and update employees' knowledge gaps on key workflow concepts.
  • It comes with embedded multimedia tools such as the video player to simplify the learning process.
  • Available in multiple languages, thus convenient to different learners.
  • Provides industry tests and assessments to gauge one's gaps and strengths in certain areas.
  • Allows content sharing with downloadable programs.
  • Prepares a business for imminent technological disruptions.
  • Provides learners with interactive and high-quality content since it originates from experts only.

Cons of Pluralsight Skills

  • Requires yearly subscriptions to use, thus may be costly for most learners.
  • Slow to update content and new learning material.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Video Content
  2. SSO
  3. Learning Paths

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Projects
  2. Interactive Content
  3. Comprehension Checks
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